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In 1894 the Weltbuerger Printing Company
was located at 119 N.Second St.

WEPCO Printing history

Founded in 1852 as the Weltbuerger Printing Company, the business published southeastern Wisconsin's official German newspaper, The Weltbuerger, until the 1940's when World War II promoted businesses across America to eliminate their German products. When the newspaper was discontinued, the commercial printing operation went into full swing and the business shortened its name to Wepco Printing (Weltbuerger Printing Company).

During much of the 1900's
WEPCO Printing Company
was located at 113 N.Fourth St.
Early in 1997, it seemed only appropriate Wepco Printing be owned by the publishers of another premier newspaper, the Watertown Daily Times.  Known prior to 1997 as Watertown's premier business form and letterpress printing company, Wepco Printing has since drastically expanded its services and upgraded its equipment.

WEPCO Printing Company
is currently located at 108 S. Sixth St.
Wepco Printing moved to its present location in November, 2009. The newer, larger building was needed to house the latest in printing equipment and technology. Wepco Printing now offers state-of-the-art printing, desktop publishing, design and finishing services using the most up-to-date equipment available to the printing industry.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Wednesday 8 AM - 5 PM • Thursday 8 AM - 8 PM • Friday 8 AM - Noon

WEPCO Printing • Making Great IMPRESSIONS Since 1852
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108 South 6th Street • Watertown, WI 53094